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Private Training

Work with an expert instructor for a fully customized program.  Get ready for rapid results.  The best way to get started is with our 2 for $99 new client special.

Group Classes

Over 60 classes to sculpt, tone, lengthen and re-balance your whole body.  Our talented instructors make classes fun and effective.  The results speak for themselves.

Instructor Training

Turn your passion into your career!  West Michigan’s only comprehensive training center for industry leading professionals.  When you want to really make a difference you start here.

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I spend much of my day in poor posture.  My instructors help me undo all the damage and keep my body feeing great!

Sandra Johnson

I’ve been having some joint pain and muscle stiffness for a while but wanted to start exercising again.  I started working out at Pilates in East and have not felt this good in a long time.  Highly recommend!

Sally Murphy

Coming to class is the best part of my day!!  Love the classes and the instructors.  You will feel better mentally and physically!

Debbie Laverty

Pilates in East has changed my life!!!  This is the first time I have found something I can stick with and actually enjoy.

Charissa Schaefer

I can’t say enough good things about this studio.  All amazing instructors. It is the best form of exercise I have ever done.  It keeps my back pain free and core strong!

Kim Livingston

Pilates in East is amazing as are the instructors! It is one of my happy places.

Anita Sukenik

They are really honoring of our bodies and still they support us to keep reaching to new levels of engagement!

Dr. Nataleah Rose Schotte

My flexibility and strength improved consistently and the difference from a couple years ago is phenomenal.  I highly recommend for anyone interested in improving their quality of life.

Rob Sligh




Building Strong Bodies and Stronger Friendships at Pilates in Ada & East

At Pilates in East and Pilates in Ada, we are passionate about health, wellness and happiness. One thing we have found is that wellness goes so much deeper than just exercise and nutrition. One major part of the wellness factor is a sense of belonging and a strong feeling of community. When we feel as if […]

Devon Pearson – Pilates Professional and Instant Friend

If you have been to Pilates and Ada or Pilates in East and met Devon Pearson, you will understand what it means to have an instantaneous friend! Devon has the amazing ability to laugh and have fun with her clients while, at the same time, pushing them to get the most out of their time […]

“Healthy Backs” Class – Now Added to Fall Lineup

At Pilates in Ada and Pilates in East, one thing we absolutely love is the variety of clients that walk through our door. We work with people from all walks of life, all ranges of ability and physical movement. One thing that we learn in Pilates is how the abdominals and back are mutually supportive. […]

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