About Ahmé

Ahmé Bovée B.A. C.P.T.

Balanced Body Faculty

Master trainer, TV show host and conference presenter, Ahmé (pronounced Ah-may) is an engaging and articulate presenter known for her ability to explain complex concepts and anatomy in an easy to understand and entertaining way. A leader in health and fitness for over 20 years, she has founded two thriving full service Pilates studios.

She is Balanced Body Education faculty and offers comprehensive teaching training at Pilates in East, in Grand Rapids Michigan, as well as traveling to teach.

Reviews from past course attendees:

Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach:
'Ahmé was absolutely amazing. Her level of knowledge just blew me away. I am a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach and I learned so much this weekend that I can take back to my clients.'

Yoga Teacher:
'Ahmé is an amazing teacher! Her knowledge of movement and anatomy is incredible. I have been teaching yoga for a long time and still learned so much about the body from her. She also really ignites a passion for the practice of Pilates.'

Physical Therapist:
'The instructor was excellent!!! Her depth of knowledge in anatomy and biomechanical principals impressed me and made the course extremely relevant for me as a physical therapist. This was the best professional development course I've taken. '

New Instructor:
"I LOVED this course with Ahmé! This was my first attempt at achieving a dream of becoming a fitness instructor and now I have the tools to be successful."

Studio Owner:
"Ahmé is amazing. Her presence immediately puts you at ease, and then you are able to learn so much more when you're relaxed. Her wealth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I've now taken 5 weekend trainings with her. I can't wait to do more with her, too."

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