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Mixed Level Reformer
This class will focus on familiar reformer exercises with a twist.  Challenging you to push yourself a little further through instructor cueing and movement of your body.  Suitable for clients who regularly take Level I, II or III.  

Reformer Class – Level II
While building on the fundamentals of the Level I class, expect more challenging work and sequences.  Participants should be injury and limitation free as well as comfortable making their own equipment adjustments.  

Reformer Class – Level III
Our most challenging reformer class that is geared towards clients who have advanced their reformer work, are in teacher training or are instructors.  

Cardio Jumpboard – Reformer Level II
Enjoy a cardio blast using the jumpboard in between hard core ab and arm intervals.  Participants should be injury free and able to modify on their own. 

High Intensity Interval Pilates
Combining the strengthening, lengthening and toning of Pilates with the cardio benefits of High Intensity Interval training.  In this 50 minute class, exercises will be combined with bursts and rests that maximize overall benefits.  Whether you’ve been doing Pilates for years, or are considering giving it a try, this class will challenge you and help you reach your fitness goals.  This class is great for all levels and can be modified and tailored for beginners.  

Pilates Principles Workshop
This 6 week workshop will focus on 6 of the Pilates principles: Breath, Pelvic Floor, Neutral/Imprinted Spine, Back Extension, Scapular Stability and Alignment.  This workshop is great for beginners as well as current clients who want to dive deeper into how the various principles can contribute to a more meaningful relationship with the practice of Pilates and your body in general.  Please contact the studio to enroll.  Cost is $169 for the 6 week workshop – meets on Mondays at 12:35 pm November 15- December 20.  

Barre Fusion
Get ready for an amazing cardio blast in this barre/reformer fusion class!  Sweat it out with some of the latest barre moves sure to sculpt and tone those hard to reach areas!  Then enjoy a cool down using the reformer for stretching and additional strength building.